Huawei announces a new strategy for the way

Huawei announced at the conference “Huawei Connect 2019” on its new strategy for computing, which is characterized by the launch of system servers, computing a unique which is called the “Atlas 900 computing”, which is considered the fastest of the group training on the artificial intelligence in the world today, and open up new prospects for various areas of artificial intelligence, particularly in the fields of scientific research, innovation and business.

Said Ken Hu, deputy chairman of the board of Huawei’s management: the dialogue is a huge market worth over one trillion US dollars, so we will continue to invest depending on strategy, we focused on four main axes include a raised roof design standards on products, and investment in processors, multiple scenarios, and put some clear parameters for business, as well as to build an open ecosystem.

Huawei’s strategy for computing:

Witness the dialogue of great development and change of models based on rules specific to the statistical models which represent the basis for machine learning.

According to Huawei, will become for statistical computing over the next five years the trend in computing, other computing-based artificial intelligence by 80 percent of the computing power used around the world.

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To maintain its leading position in the market, Huawei has set a strategy to focus on four main axes:

Innovation in processor design:

Huawei has launched in the past year the system of “Da Vinci”, which is an innovative system of treatments designed to supply strongly vast computing at an affordable cost, continues to Huawei investment in basic research in this regard.

Investment in processors multiple scenarios:

Have Huawei’s full range of processors, and processors, one for computing multiple uses, and remedies ascend artificial intelligence, and processors Kirin for smart devices, and processors to Hong is for smart grids.

Develop clear frameworks for business:

You won’t know Huawei its For Sale Direct, but rather works to provide its customers in the form of cloud services, and is provided to its partners the form of separate components, with priority given to support of solutions integrated.

Building an open ecosystem:

During the next five years, will be Huawei’s $ 1.5 million in software to enable the developers, and the aim is to expand the program to five million of the developer, and the empowerment of partners and Huawei around the world to develop the next generation of applications and smart solutions.

The ATLAS system 900 for training the artificial intelligence:

Combines the Atlas 900 between the power of thousands of processors ascend, as it takes 59٫8 seconds just to train a network (ResNet-50), which represent the gold standard for measuring the performance of training artificial intelligence, which is a faster rate than the number of measurement Global Ex ten seconds.

Features of the Atlas 900 strongly the performance of the Ultra in the training of artificial intelligence, offers new opportunities for various areas of scientific research and innovation including astronomy, and the expectations of Meteorology, of self-command and even oil exploration.

As Huawei has published the Atlas of 900 on the Cloud Huawei to offer them as a service group, thereby allowing the computational power is enormous for a wide range of clients in different sectors, and Huawei these services with great discounts for universities and scientific research institutes in the world.

And Gao Wen, member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and director of the laboratory of Peng Xing at the conference where he briefed the participants on the message lab Peng Xing and his vision and ways of its cooperation with Huawei to build the first system of super computing depends on the artificial intelligence supports the system of the computerization of the case in China.

Will collaboratively build a new generation of research, basic artificial intelligence and innovation.

He also talked zing night, the head of cloud computing at Huawei, about the use of artificial intelligence in the scenarios are different, he pointed out that the use of artificial intelligence in industrial areas exceeded the stage of bridging the gap in the field of business became a major factor in re-shaping the transformation of firms into digital technologies.

Concluded Ken is speaking, saying: we live in a new era we see new discoveries every day, there are a lot of opportunities and potential for promising that you won’t enjoy any enterprise to target on their own, so, we have launched partnerships a new collaboration so that we can exploit this historic opportunity, and report of intelligence evolving to new heights.

This is the “Huawei Connect 2019” an annual event set consider Huawei to companies that operate in the field of Information Technology and communications in Shanghai from 18 to 20 September, 2019.

The conference this year under the title “technologies of intelligence evolving”, and aims to provide a common platform for customers of Huawei and its partners to explore new opportunities for the future of smart.

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