Huawei announces +P40 Pro with unique features and confirm that Corona will not affect the sales

The company announced the Huawei on Thursday, along with my phone (HUAWEI I) and(Huawei i-PRO) on the phone the third specification is very advanced, which is (Huawei by Pro Plus) Huawei P40 Pro Plus.

The phone (Huawei by Pro Plus) that offers the specifications the advanced self-provided by the (Huawei be pro), but there is a lens system again with the account 8-megapixel, which makes the number of the rear cameras, 4 cameras, as well as photographic account of the three-dimensional ToF.

Used lens second after our length 240 mm, i.e., twice the focal length for perspective only in the phone (Huawei i-Pro), bringing the phone is the first in providing a lens of this length. The phone also has a camera telephoto additional lens with $ 80 millimeters, with the aim of bridging the gap between the powerful zoom and the camera normal. It can be that users with a greater flexibility, and allows them to capture high-quality images at different distances.

Besides the number of additional guests (Huawei i-Pro Plus) as the first phone that supports wireless charging technology rapid can 40 watts. It supports reverse charging. As the phone that the internal storage memory of 512 GB.

The phone also he comes with a body made of the ceramic solid, either in relation to the rest of the specifications, they are the same provided by (Huawei by Pro Plus), will be available phone as of next June at a price of 1,399 euros.

Huawei announces P40 Pro+ with unique features and confirm that Corona will not affect the sales

On a separate note, said the CEO of Huawei (Richard day) today Thursday in a question and Answer Session online following the event announced phones (Huawei be) Huawei P40 new: the availability of the phones will not be affected by the superiority of the novel coronavirus.

And the (day) of (the services of Huawei portable) HMS, and the virus, and plugin new audio (Celia) Celia. Said the (day): if available (Huawei I), and(Huawei by pro), and(Huawei by Pro Plus) will not be affected by the virus, and confirmed that the phones and their components have entered the production phase since the month of last December, i.e. before the outbreak of the virus to disrupt supply chains.

And speaking of demand, revealed (on the day) that people now want more from their laptops and tablets in the shadow of having to work and study from home. As well as the smartphones have undergone a general increase in demand, given that people are spending longer in use.

The services of Huawei Mobile HMS will be the main platform in the shadow of U.S. sanctions constant that gives the Chinese company to use the services of Google and its applications.

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