Huawei announces smart TV in 4K watch Smart Watch GT 2

The company announced the Huawei on Thursday during the event special held in the German city of Munich – to the side of the phones (dead 30) Mate 30 the new – for (Huawei vision) Huawei Vision, a new TV that supports 4K.

Similar to your TV: (honor vision) Honor the Vision and(vision Pro t-in) Vision Pro TV, which we have announced in the month of August last, the device (Huawei vision) new running your company (harmony) Harmony.

Comes device (Huawei vision) new style two in terms of screen size, the first: 65 inches, and the other 75 inches, to shoot models the other two later led 55-inch and 85-inch. The device with Quantum Dot, and the edges of metal, the camera pop-up visual communication.

Huawei announces smart TV in 4K watch Smart Watch GT 2

She said Huawei: if your TV a new the capacity of his smartphone, such as a loudspeaker, which for larger companies, also supports voice commands, recognize faces, and intolerance. The device supports intelligent mode to protect the eyes of children by reducing the blue light. And also support viewing content from the Huawei phones. Comes (Huawei vision) with remote control has a trackpad, which is shipped via the USB port-C.

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Referred to that system (Harmon) – who announced last month – comes in trying to beat the embargo imposed by the United States government to the Chinese company, which gives them access to Google services, including Android operating system and Google apps.

Did you know Huawei for the price, or the date put forward feature (Huawei vision) new.

Huawei announces smart TV in 4K watch Smart Watch GT 2

Besides the TV, Huawei announced the event on her watch (smart watch JT 2) Watch GT 2 that also excels as a running developed by Huawei is the (Lite or ABS) LiteOS.

According to Huawei, the former enjoying the battery enough – in standby mode – to work for two weeks. They come in two sizes: 46 millimeters, and 42 millimeters, providing the first screen type OLED led by 1.39 inches and accurately 454×454 pixels with a strap width of 22 mm, while the style of the other screen type OLED, led by 1.2 inches and accurately 390×390 pixels with a belt width of 20 millimeters.

Each models a processor of the type Kirin A1, and parliament, Bluetooth 5.1, and sensors to monitor heart rate, fitness, and stress. And characterized the former as being waterproof to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes.

And the advantage of hours (watch the GT-2) that they provide a microphone and speakers, which allows the user to receive calls and talk through the previous just. It also has the support of the operating mode permanent on the lines of the latest version of the Apple Watch smart.

This intends to put the new arena at a price of 249 euros for the 46-millimeters, is priced at 229 euros for the 42 mm, and will be put on the market as of the month of October next.

Huawei announces smart TV in 4K watch Smart Watch GT 2

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