Huawei announces the introduction of its latest of its devices wearable TalkBand B5

هواوي تعلن عن طرح أحدث أجهزتها القابلة للارتداء TalkBand B5

Huawei unveiled on the bracelet TalkBand B5 which is the newest wearable, enjoy the larger size of the advance with the technologies makes it represents the two options for the user to provide the properties of the track overall health as well as work as headset Bluetooth.

Is considered the new device as the previous simplified the technique holds special away from the smart watch concept of its knowledge. The device comes with a screen measuring 1.13 inches AMOLED and accurately 160×300 pixels, protection layer of glass, the dimensions of D2.5 which means it is larger by about 2.4 times from the previous version.

And the smart bracelet TalkBand B5 several advantages to control the heart rate in more than one position during all times thanks to the technique TruSeenTM, which also allows control of the various stages of sleep and to provide the user with steps to care for health during sleep.

Recall, that the bracelet new from Huawei comes two years after the launch of the previous version TalkBand B3, and provides her technical resistance to dust and water IP57.

Fancy bracelet Huawei TalkBand B5 price 599 Sar a copy of Mr. made of silicon in a number of retail stores selected in the kingdom, while the price of the bracelet with the Mr. Leather 699 SAR.

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