Huawei announces the prices of phones Mate 20 through the probability of launch area

هواوي تعلن عن أسعار هواتف Mate 20 خلال احتفال إطلاقها المنطقة

Established Huawei with its branch in Middle East and North Africa a major event in Dubai to celebrate punctuated by the announcement of the launch series phones Mate 20 in the region, and established the company told me in the garden of the Burj Dubai in conjunction with the event Light great for on the facade of the tower.

Huawei announces series phones Mate 20 four copies distinct and different specifications

The company has disclosed about the selling prices of phones in the region, so that price Mate 20 Pro will be 3299 SAR base different, will come Mate 20 price 2399 SAR will be pre-ordering the devices in October 25 – today, that are available in the markets on November 8, will be the buyers gifts worth 1998 SAR including H Huawei simple TalkBand B5, fast wireless charging, and Huawei VIP.

And VIP service advantages to ensure Huawei Saudi Arabia for any user who purchase new phones, and customers get this service from any of the accredited centers.

On this occasion, said the head of the company’s consumer business in the region, Jin Jie “proud of Huawei’s pioneering in the development of artificial intelligence technology in the mobile phone, to shape the revolution of smart phones downloaded to smart devices to understand the needs of users, providing them the necessary assistance in a timely manner. They are a series smartphones, the new HUAWEI Mate 20 enjoy the benefits is enormous, such as a matrix camera system, battery long working style reverse charging wireless, in order to give users the necessary strength and smart tools that meet their daily needs and allows them to dive from the love of the digital world in which we live today.”

Are considered the price announced by the company less than those that appeared when released in Europe, so that price Mate 20 Pro in the area will be 770 euros compared with a price of 1,049 euros in Europe.

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