Huawei announces the sale of more than 200 million smartphone this year

Huawei announced in an official statement she was able to sell more than 200 million phones this year for the first time in its history after 8 years of beginning where the company achieved sales of up to 3 million phone in just its first year.

In spite of the Prohibition of the sale of Huawei phones in the US market but the company has made leaps impressively in sales through 2018 that made it beyond Apple to become the second largest smart phone manufacturer in the world.

The company also announced it now owns more than half of million users identity, its smart in 170 countries around the world and this number is impressive, being the company prior to 8 years from now, sold 3 million phones only.

Sales to Huawei over the years:

  • In 2010 they sold 3m.
  • In 2011 they sold 20m.
  • In 2012 they sold 32m.
  • In 2013 they sold 52m.
  • In 2014 they sold 75m.
  • 2015 have sold 108m.
  • 2016 they sold 139m.
  • 2017 they sold 153m.
  • 2018 they sold 200m.


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