Huawei are subject to agreements on sanctions on Iran, according to a new report

Huawei Company

According to a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America, it seems that Huawei are subject to a criminal investigation because of the sanctions imposed on Iran. The report does not reveal much details except for the fact that Huawei is currently under investigation, so it is not clear whether it is going to end up accusing Huawei of the same charges that were charged by the ZTE Corporation or not.

In case you haven’t heard about it before, it has been the conviction of ZTE Corporation several years ago of violating sanctions on Iran which are not selling American technology to Iran. Since then, kiss ZTE Corporation is responsible for it, but go forward to today, the company ZTE to ban the import of components from U.S. companies for seven years, including the import processor Snapdragon from Qualcomm note that there is a possibility to lose the company ZTE also license the Android.

As we said earlier, it is not clear whether the investigation against Huawei over the same way or not. Two months ago, warned the intelligence agencies of America from the purchase of technology that you sell both Huawei and ZTE due to national security concerns. This has resulted in the dissolution of partnerships would have been Huawei with telecommunications companies of America such as Verizon and AT&T to sell its smart phones for the customers of these companies.

Responded company Huawei on this investigation by saying : ” the company is committed to Huawei all applicable laws and regulations where they operate, including laws and regulations, export control laws and applicable sanctions in the United Nations and the United States and the European Union “.


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