Huawei asks for help in the development of its operating system

We have already seen that Huawei will not be lost even if the United States does not agree with China and will leave its sanctions in force. At least the company will retain access to key components for its smartphones and will be able to continue their production, using a software platform Hongmeng instead of Android. Another thing – consider whether users of a replacement of equal value, considering that popular, the developers have refused to develop and maintain a new platform.

This week at the summit in Shanghai Xiao Ran? Vice-President of Huawei’s strategic development? made a report about the operating system Hongmeng. According to him, the proprietary platform of the company will be based on Ark Compiler technologythat provides operating systems based on Linux kernel improved performance and productivity. Top Manager expressed confidence that behind this technology the future, and that it will allow Huawei to build a successful ecosystem.

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Operating system Huawei

The only thing at the moment is not enough Hongmeng, is support for third-party developers. Due to the fact that the upcoming OS will be open source Huawei just need the developers from the outside, which will help to develop it into a full-fledged ecosystem. Then Hongmeng has all chances to become the new standard for the industry, surpassing not only for Android development, but also audience users, which year by year will just get bigger.

If Huawei will achieve, to the developers of the applications you want translated them to Hongmeng, you would have abandoned Android? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

Huawei absolutely right, worried about supporting their operating system third-party developers. In fact, oddly enough, it depends on how interesting the platform is for users. If she doesn’t get support for popular services, social networking and banking applications, — down the drain. However, Huawei absolutely sure that problems with third party software will not. They promised to return moneyif its devices will lose support popular applications.

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