Huawei back to the SD Association, although the decision to ban American

Huawei Company

In the light of recent developments with the United States and the Prohibition of Huawei in the country of Uncle Sam, was to remove the name of the Chinese company from the website of the SD Association web site a few days ago, and today we can see the return of the name of the Chinese company industry leader in smart phones and wireless network equipment.

Confirmed a representative of the company Huawei that the company has returned to the assembly of the SD Association or as said Do not cancel the membership in the first place. Modified things temporarily to ensure the authority continues with the Command issued from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the participation of Huawei, the company still needed to find a settlement with the U.S. government or they wouldn’t be able to get back to license Android, or to recover its partnership with a firm ARM to develop its processors for the future. As you probably know, the company Huawei do not necessarily depend on processors Snapdragon, a subsidiary of Qualcomm of America, but instead manufactures processors HiSilicon Kirin own, but still the Chinese company relies on the designs of ARM architecture in their own processors, which may affect the company in the future.


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