Huawei banned from manufacturing phones with SD card

It became not allowed to buy Huawei Chinese manufacturing products, including smart phones, including SD card slots or microSD, and after that removed the Union of SD company from the list of members.

And exposed the company to great pressure during the last few days, after the president signed the American Donald Trump is the implementation puts them in the Black List, which prompted companies in the United States to stay away from them gradually.

Illustrate the visit of the Federation of SD on the internet that Chinese police have been removed from the list of members of the Union, although there is no official confirmation yet, this will make it impossible for the Huawei production and sale of devices that support SD.

The article says the main union SD non-profit in San Ramon, California, and cook and dance and use the criteria regarding store and products SD.

The consortium agreed the move as part of the U.S. ban on Huawei, but he did not issue a general declaration on the subject, like most other companies, but the sudden disappearance to Huawei from the list of member companies speaks louder than any press release.

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There were movements in the world of Android to remove the possibility of expanding the internal storage space through microSD cards, but did not get a lot of momentum, even on the flagship phones that get rid of the headphone jack 3.5 mm oldest.

Include a step to remove Huawei from the members of the Union of SD risk on Huawei phones and its other business, to Honor Honor, middle class and low specifications, they usually come these phones with less storage space relatively.

Although Huawei has developed its technology named nanoSD or NM, and announced for the first time with the phone Mate 20 Pro in late 2018, but what is still not known how the impact of this new technology to be easily accessible even for the phones Huawei.

And Huawei at the current time four devices to read the cards accepts microSD cards in store by the official named VMALL, it is supposed to increase the Chinese company produced cards NM, and lower prices to meet the new demand that would be faced.

Lose Huawei slowly its strength in the field of manufacturing of smart phones even in the presence of the potential for the production of Chip of the mobile phone and the storage card of their own, as a result of losing the support ARM to put her in big trouble, and you can find Huawei itself outside the scope of the mobile phone business quickly.

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