Huawei began to pay for the installation of applications from AppGallery

The situation that occurred this spring with Huawei, knows no parallel. The company not only denied the right to cooperate with American companies, and actually threatened the rest of its business. But if the hardware basis of the smartphone Huawei is almost entirely produced in China, the software, on the contrary, is of American origin. As a result, the company lost access to the most important component of any mobile – to Google services. But Huawei would not be herself, she did not find the way out of the situation.

AppGallery is still far from full competition with Google Play, but he strongly aspires to it

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Despite the fact that Huawei has long has its own app store called AppGallery, for a long time, its range was not wide enough in order to compete with Google Play. So when it became clear that hopes to return to the old order is no more, the Chinese have made in haste to fill up your own catalog of software, which is popular among users from different countries, including from Russia. So in the AppGallery application appeared “Services”, banks “Tinkoff”, “Raiffeisen” and Home Credit, as well as almost all services of “Yandex”. But how to get users to install them from the AppGallery, and not from Google Play?

How to get bonus coins in AppGallery

Huawei presents users AppGallery for installing useful applications

To increase the number of downloads from the AppGallery, Huawei decided to start paying users for installer selected applications. They change about every 7-10 days and to get the reward, you need to download Huawei selected programs in this period. Of course, for the installation charge is not real money, and virtual coins, which nevertheless translated into rubles at face value. For each installation you can get 30 coins, that is 30 rubles. It turns out that for 8 apps now available to install, you can get 240 rubles, which is pretty good. Moreover, it is not stupid game from unknown developers, but a very necessary app like “Yandex.Taxi”, “Tinkoff Investment” and “Yandex.Market”.

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However, there are limitations. Coins awarded for the installation, you can only use to pay for in-app purchases in games and apps, downloaded from the AppGallery. It can be any app, not just those that were uploaded as part of an advertising campaign that slightly smooths restrictions. Obviously, so Huawei wants to increase user activity, forcing them not just to download but also to use the apps they have downloaded.

Gifts in AppGallery

However, the bonus coins aren’t everything. A detailed analysis of the catalogue revealed that users of smartphones Huawei offers is still and exclusive gifts from the developers themselves. For example, those who will install AppGallery from Dr. Web, promise of 3 months free service, and installation of application service delivery “Tanuki” — roll as a gift. And such actions in the catalog – a few dozen. The main thing is just to go in there and see what is there to make money. It turns out that to install apps from AppGallery not only convenient, but also profitable.

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It’s obvious that Huawei clearly wants to make AppGallery in a popular catalog. The company does not hesitate to invest serious money. After all, if even just to charge a thousand users – and wanting to get the reward will clearly be more — a thousand bonus coins, it will be a million rubles, which Huawei had to compensate the developers. And it is only in Russia. What to say about the rest of the country where Huawei does business.

Huawei without Google will only get better

Personally, I like how Huawei got down to business after she’s dropped US. Instead of crying and asking to go back, the company started to act quite strongly, developing its own ecosystem that will not be able to shake neither Google nor anyone else. After all, if there is no direct relationship, and the ways pressure on Huawei to her detractors will not. We, as consumers, will only win.

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