Huawei began to withdraw the products because of U.S. sanctions

Financial and technical capabilities of Huawei, which was supposed to help her to stay on the market without American technology, it was not omnipotent. As reported by The Information, just a month after the entry into force of trade sanctions the U.S., the company started to cancel product launches, the development of which it could take years. It is possible that in near future Huawei will have to postpone for a time or cancel completely one scheduled release.

The first product Huawei, the launch of which the company was canceled shortly before the presentation, was a new model laptop MateBook. Its release was to be held at the conference CES Asia. Although Huawei initially was not ready to name the exact date of the official appearance of the laptop in the sale, the company still wanted to show it to the public, leaving the release date open. Ultimately, however, the display of new items was postponed indefinitely.

Problem Huawei

The fact of the cancellation of the launch of the new MateBook confirmed head of the consumer sector Huawei’s Richard Yu. According to him, currently the company is in a difficult position, which is caused by the trade sanctions imposed by the US. Top Manager refused to disclose the specific reasons which led to the cancellation of its release, but most likely, it may be due to the ban on the use of OS Windows, which formed the programmatic basis MateBook, or other American technologies.

MateBook — all?

But the cancellation of the release of the new MateBook is not the only adverse event that resulted in U.S. sanctions imposed on Huawei. Recently, there are rumors that the company is deprived of access to American technology, in General, was forced to stop further development and production of branded laptops, as fears that is simply not able to get them on sale. And, given the integrity of the US government, such an outcome is quite likely.

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