Huawei begins shipment of million phones running HongMeng OS Preview

Use Huawei to launch the operating system of its new officially later this year, and today confirmed the new report came from Rosenblatt that the company already started shipping million smart phone with operating system HongMeng OS for preview.

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It seems that Huawei will not rely heavily on the grace period announced by the administration before the Prohibition of the system of landed fully, where I started the Chinese giant is already taking serious steps to prepare to launch a new operating system for different devices.

I came to a new report recently confirming shipment of million smart phone running HongMeng OS to start the preview of the system and conduct tests, where the report pointed out that the new system complies with the apps landed, also comes higher standards to protect the smart phones.

By the last site published China Daily statements to Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei, which stated, “that Huawei is preparing to launch an operating system of its new officially autumn this year or spring of next year a maximum that the operating system is available on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, among other devices”.

So, we will see the developments next to the plans of Huawei to launch the system run the new HongMeng OS, with expectations to change the label system when it was launched to the world market.


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