Huawei benefit from the agencies to the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association, among other agencies

Use the fallout of the restrictions imposed on the Chinese giant, where it announced all of the agencies in the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association with some other agencies competent some criteria for exclusion of Huawei.

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Use the present economic pressure faced by Huawei in the escalation with the new announcement came recently from the relevant associations to certain standards of smartphone technology with the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association along with some of the USB standards.

The agency SD Association competent the licensing standards of SD memory card which comes with its headquarters in California, where the company Huawei is one of the members of the assembly that was announced excluded from the lists of the members of the agency, which is scheduled to affect the New read the exclusion on the smart phones I have a Huawei.

On the other hand, the exclusion of Huawei from the association Wi-Fi Alliance which is working to license standards Wi-Fi in different devices, this besides agency JEDEC competent standards of USB and memory randomization, which is headquartered in Virginia, so it appears that Huawei will be watching in the end the lifting of the ban on the company to stop a series of restrictions and pressure Economic to develop smart phones of new.


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