Huawei brought an action against the U.S. Department of Commerce for its equipment

Provide the Chinese company Huawei with a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Commerce accusing them of the confiscation of the components and computer equipment, communications concerning them during re-shipped from the USA to China.

The Huawei had been sent two years ago sets of equipment communications, including network adapters of the server computer of China to a special lab in California, after conducting the necessary tests have been re-shipped the equipment to China.

Impact on my health Huawei that the Ministry of Commerce confiscated the equipment in Alaska word in the level of its own there.

I didn’t get Huawei any license of its own for the export of components for re-sent because it will be the same source, also did not ask the Ministry of Commerce that it provided her with all the other data needed in a timely manner. The United States accuses Huawei they may use these equipment to spy for China.

And Huawei from the Ministry of trade either release the source changes to be re-shipped to China, or to acknowledge that she entered the country illegally, as there is no justification for the maintenance of the elevator cars for more than 20 months without a decision.

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