Huawei can support the speaker’s and smart watches in 2020 system HarmonyOS

In comments submitted from the Wang Chenglu president of the software division at Huawei, today, confirmed the company’s plans to support new versions of smart watches speakers audio in 2020 running the company HarmonyOS.

System came HarmonyOS of Huawei from the outset to be the first core to replace the operating system landed in the organs of the company, today confirms the company is already working on plans to start running HarmonyOS in other versions of the company’s devices soon.

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May not include devices that includes an operating system HarmonyOS versions of Huawei upcoming smartphones at the moment, however, the operating system of Huawei will be expanded in further versions of the company’s devices speakers smart audio and smart watches also in 2020.

In an interview Wang Chenglu head of the software department at the company Huawei last with the newspaper Shenzhen Special Zone Daily in conjunction with the opening of the official store of the company in Shenzhen, pointed out that Huawei still prefer to use the operating system landed in its smart phones and tablets.

So you Huawei in using the operating system landed in its smart phones during the coming period, while for the system HarmonyOS in speaker smart watches, or devices based on virtual reality also.

Recall that your HONOR vision was the first hardware company Huawei running its new, which is revealed officially in the month of August last.


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