Huawei card distribution and mobile lines iPhone XS

Crowds gather around the Apple stores before the long hours of the launch of the iPhone XS, giving a chance for competitors to mock Apple, and here Huawei.

Laughed at Huawei this time from the battery capacity of the iPhone which on paper look pale for the capacity of the batteries of Android devices where the capacity of the new models less than the 3,200 mAh while the results of the battery life looks good.

The irony of Huawei was at banks power with a capacity of 10,000 mAh distributed free on a printer one of the Apple stores in Singapore, according to the police permit is the what I did “to provide respite from the weather and wait for the weary”, and has written on the box banks power “this power bank, you will need to. Courtesy of Huawei”.

This made some of the customers of Huawei resent from the distribution of the 200 Power Bank$ 70 worth customers of the Apple instead of the need to the company’s clients.

In London, the stop the trucks Huawei in front of the Apple stores offer a “juice remains effect remains” in a reference to the rendered juices for charging batteries, phones, have used the hashtag “higher intelligence” that you used in the irony of it recently.


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