Huawei CEO: we don’t care, will do USA and its sanctions

Despite the fact that the United States is very actively working on the issue of partial lifting of sanctions with Huawei to bring her right to cooperate with American companies, a Chinese company, apparently, is not committed to it. According to Rena Janthea, founder and CEO of Huawei, it is not too worried about it, remove the US sanctions or not. Even if this does not happen, stressed businessman, Huawei can perfectly live in isolation from the American market and technologies, developing local enterprises.

Huawei no matter whether will remove US sanctions. The company will live, and so

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“You know, we will live well without US. Huawei is not a party to the conflict in Sino-American confrontation, because we have no business relationship with the United States. We have never had any problems with the United States. Therefore, the negotiations on the restoration of cooperation between the countries of us, frankly, a little concerned. We do not expect that the US will remove Huawei from the list of threats to national security. They can continue to keep us under sanctions indefinitely, because we and so will be well,” said Jenifa.

What will happen to Huawei without Google

The entrepreneur did not directly say that Huawei will abandon Google’s services if she will return the licence to use them, but saying that the company is not interested in restoring relations with the United States, shows exactly that. How prudent was Jenifa when he said it, is unknown. Perhaps this is just another outburst of emotion, sometimes from the top managers of Huawei, then they often change their statements and to explain that their words misinterpreted and in fact they meant another.

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But as I can tell, things have Huawei gradually begin to improve. Flagship smartphones continue to be in high demand, providing the company’s record sales, and the services are developing so actively that and look to be able to compete with the services the search giant. That only is the AppGallery, which since the summer has extended its range several times and now offers to download many popular among Russian users of the application. And if so, it turns out that a little more, and Huawei will be able to start to deliver to Russia their new smartphones without Google Play, without fear that they will not buy.

Whether WhatsApp in AppGallery

If the US government really will allow American companies to cooperate with Huawei, Facebook, Telegram and others almost certainly will want to place in your AppGallery application. In the absence of the ban on cooperation with the Chinese manufacturer, nothing will prevent them to do so, because in this case we are talking about potential expansion or at least maintaining the current audience, which they have accumulated a lot over time, while Huawei was not under sanctions. Now the main thing that Huawei decided to give back and refused to what was going with such efforts.

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