Huawei challenge March 26 as the date to reveal series phones P30

هواوي تحدد 23 مارس موعدًا للكشف عن سلسلة هواتف P30

Huawei announced it will hold a conference in the French capital Paris on 26 March to detect series phones P30 the new, which is usual for the person to talk about that category in the first half of the year and more precisely in March.

It is considered the date of detection of phones and the P series in general is very important for those interested in the benefits of smart phones on hand to the camera, and the police always offer a new update to its cameras with them, as happened last year with the launch of the phone P20 Pro three cameras in the cell and is then followed by the other companies about this.

As shown in the image announcement of the date of P30, the company developed what looks like a magnifying glass in the Middle, what suggests that the new camera will techniques rounded high without affecting the image quality.

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