Huawei changed his mind and decided not to disappoint its users

A couple of days ago (June 12), some smartphone users Huawei began to complain on social media that their devices lock screen randomly started to appear advertising from and some other companies. Fortunately, only a few days (and a lot of complaints) later changed his mind and decided to engage in this evil practice, more revenue from its users.

Huawei has even stated that these ads, in fact, was not supposed to appear on a user’s device, noting that the choice in favor of the implementation of this idea was a mistake and acknowledged that it negatively affects the experience of using its devices people. Brewing is a natural question: “And before that thought it was impossible?”.

Huawei was able to load the advertisement on devices before, but to activate it now

Since then, the company has already apologized for causing inconvenience to its users and stated that it “strives to provide maximum positive user experience, and therefore continues to improve their devices, functions and services.”

The ads that were shown to users that were embedded in some screen savers for your lock screen. Now Huawei has deleted them from their servers, which means that in the future they should no longer appear to anyone. While still users who might have downloaded some or all of these images on their devices.

At Huawei also has a solution and in this case, and it consists in the simple removal of these images from the phones with which they were loaded. The company notes that if these images will appear again, users will simply need to swapnote up the lock screen from the bottom edge.

This will lead to an uninstall option, after which will appear the confirmation window. To remove this image from your device completely and forever, just confirm deletion in the window that appears.

Advertising on the devices have for a long time, but Huawei uses it incorrectly

Although there is nothing wrong to advertise to users on the screens of their devices, it usually causes discontent, especially when something similar is done in such a way that is surprising, the user of this device. That’s exactly what happened in the case of Huawei, so it seems that the company just released an update that downloaded this Wallpaper in phones or even uploaded them from the beginning, but just turned them on later, just recently, on June 12.

The difference is that these devices were marked as the model of Prime, and Amazon had warned that customers will receive a significant discount on the retail price of these phones in exchange for advertising on the lock screen, so customers knew they were getting before the phone was in their hands.

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