Huawei compete with Apple through the feelings of national

Helped feelings national feelings and anti-American firm Huawei in control of the smartphone market in China at the expense of competitors, as the U.S. attempts to disrupt the work of the Chinese company to boom its sales in China, its native habitat.

And enjoy phones the police presence is minimal in the United States, but its share in the Chinese market exceeded 40 percent, with people gathered around the police in the face of the United States embargo and trade offices, in accordance with the terms of my market research Canalys and Counterpoint.

Strengthened national acts of smartphones from Huawei in China to a degree that allowed him to achieve record high in the third quarter, the company said Canalys: there are some retailers in China who see their phones Huawei smart as an option to national.

Shipped Huawei 41.5 million smartphones in China in the second quarter, representing a growth of 66 percent year on year, making it by far exceed the Apple and competitors local Chinese, such as Vivo; to up; to share.

And the U.S. government over the years, an aggressive stance towards Huawei over allegations that the Chinese government may use the company’s technology secret for purposes of trade, and for this reason, the U.S. officials are urging states around the world to get away from the 5G technology of Huawei.

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The United States increased from a limit position by the direction of Huawei in the month of May, cross-cut access Huawei to supply chain technology of America, referring to the police as a threat to national security.

Pay ban Chinese users to get around about the relationship of the Huawei brand, and pledged to purchase products of smart phones from the company and get rid of iPhone from Apple of America.

Grew Business smart phones from Huawei in the second quarter by 66 percent year on year, and according to Canalys, while the record companies the Big Four and other leading smartphones, including Apple TV, a decrease in the numbers of freight during the same time period.

The company is considered a pioneer in the smart phone industry in China since about two years a share of between 23 and 36 percent, in accordance with the terms Counterpoint.

She explained the market research firm Counterpoint to the attempts of the United States of impeding the work of the police pushed her to be more aggressive in its domestic market.

And one of the reasons for this is that the company is no longer able to install apps Google Play Store Official preinstalled on the phones operating system Android because of the U.S. embargo, which increased the national feeling towards her.

And uses most of the consumers in China Google apps, because the Chinese government blocked access to the best internet companies of America, given that most services and applications in the phones Huawei Smart local, Chinese consumers are immune from the effects of the U.S. embargo.

Noted Canalys also to the trade war Chinese American continuing as the editor of another national Chinese manufacturer of smart phones.

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