Huawei confirms that Google is still trying hard to provide them with a system of Android

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Made a Google company apply for an export licence from the Ministry of trade of America to provide Huawei with Android, that this already was announced by the head of the hardware division consumer in the company Huawei to Yahoo Finance, which traces the hopes of the new in the fastest growing in the telecommunications sector.

In an interview in the headquarter of Huawei in the city of Shenzhen of China, said the head of the sector of the phones in the company, Mr. Kevin Ho, said that his company is moving forward in the stop grant waiver to buy Google, allowing the use of Android in New Phones Huawei’s New scheduled to launch later this year. On this subject, said Mr. Kevin Ho, saying : ” Still the Google company is trying to supply to Huawei. We had several conversations about how to cooperate “.

Company refused to Google to comment on these statements. On the other hand, said Intel which is also considered one of the American companies supplied components to buy Huawei they work hard in Washington in order to continue selling ingredients to buy Huawei.

Despite the fact that Huawei decided to use the network of non-American States for education, libraries that you use in organs not inserted in the black list of the government of America, it has an alternative operating system to turn to if the American government refused to grant Google Inc. permission required for charging Android buy Huawei. Said Ren Zhengfei, the company gives priority to the development of the operating system HongMeng OS, which is designed specifically for use in IoT devices such as smart TVs, appliances equipped with artificial intelligence and the mechanisms of self-leadership.

Said Ren Zhengfei : “I will only look at the development of the smartphone operating system of your bin when the system does not become the Android choice available, but even now, we don’t plan for it “.


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