Huawei confirms that it will use its own operating system as an alternative to Android in the worst scenarios only

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The long-rumored that Huawei is working on creating its own operating system. No operating system light that you use in hours by the new smart, but a complete operating system which can replace Android in its smart phones. The company has confirmed now that she is already working on its own operating system with reference to that it will serve as an alternative for the Android system in the worst possible scenario. This includes the withdrawal of a license Android from Huawei by Google.

Almost this scenario be achieved with the ZTE Corporation which was affected by sanctions imposed by the government because the United States violated trade sanctions imposed on Iran and North Korea. But the ZTE Corporation at a time subsequent to the settlement of its affairs with the American authorities and was able to broadcast new life in itself.

Confirmed Huawei newspaper the South China Morning Post that it developed its own operating system for the smart ID and computers. She plans to use in its devices in case if the prevention by the company Google to use Android. Decided Huawei to develop its own operating system for fear that the U.S. government put pressure on Google Inc to block Huawei from the use of Android in its devices portable with the knowledge that the relationship is currently available between the United States and China.

On this subject, the chief executive of the Department devices consumer in the company of Huawei, Mr. Richard Yu said : ” We have prepared the operating system. If it turns out that we can no longer use these systems, we will be ready and we have a plan B “.

Added a spokesperson in the name of the company that Huawei does not expect to use its own operating system, adding : ” Frankly, we don’t want to use it “. As he said this, the official spokesperson of that company, Huawei fully supports the operating systems of its partners so that he stated by saying : ” We love to use and our clients use. Will Android Windows always our options first “.

With the escalation of trade tensions between the United States and China and the problems of continuing to buy the Huawei with the United States government, it is not surprising that the police now have an alternative at hand if you have been denied access to the operating systems of American companies.

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