Huawei confirms that its phones will continue to get Android updates

In the previous days, news appeared that Huawei phones would stop receiving Android updates, whether major or security, and the talk here was about old Huawei phones that already have access to Google's services and applications.

Huawei officially stated that this is not true, and that Huawei phones that own the Google Play Store and Google Services will continue to have these features and will get normal updates, including system updates and security updates, and phones that do not own the Play Store in the first place will get security updates Only through Huawei itself, while those phones are able to use Huawei's AppGallery store to download and update apps.

It is reported that the US ban on Huawei has reached its farthest stages at the present time, as Huawei has lost the ability to deal with American companies – such as Google – as well as it can no longer cooperate with any company that uses American technology in its work, which is the reason for cutting its relationship with TSMC that manufactures it Kirin processors.

Source: Gizchina

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