Huawei confirms the arrival system Harmony OS for smartphones next year

In the conference of Huawei’s former stressed the head of the company, Dr. Wang Chenglu that Huawei intends to launch a phone -or phones – smart system with Harmon in the next year but on the other hand confirmed that the system will not be an alternative at all for the Android system it was also mentioned that Huawei still prefer to use Android, whatever the situation.

Wonderful things made by Chenglu also is that the system will be available for the world market will not be exclusively for the Chinese market, he also explained that the system will be fully open-source and will allow code to source code in August 2020 to be able to the developers of the amendment, we have freedom.

So far we don’t know whether the system will come on one of the Huawei phones leading -like the dead 40 – or he will come only on series phones limited as we have seen with the series phones Galaxy Z, the Samsung which came with the system Tizen your company.

Source: Gizmochina

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