Huawei continues to develop important product despite the difficulties

In our day, when the fifth generation is getting closer, any news about them could be the trigger for the launch and rapid development of the networks of the future! Yesterday Huawei held an event on these networks. It told a lot of interesting things.

The event was held in the centre of Moscow and was devoted to the communication technologies of the fifth generation. I happened to be at this event, and I’m ready simple language to talk about 5G and to answer the question, when will we see him in our lives.

Why the need for 5G

The most banal industry, where the network of the fifth generation can come in handy in the near future, is the smart home and Internet of things.

High speeds that are characteristic of fifth generation networks will allow you to download a movie or video 1 GB in just three seconds, but such flows are not always useful in everyday life.

But, they can be very useful when they need to be distributed among a huge number of smart gadgets. Each appliance or outlet will be able to connect to the network without requiring a connection to the intermediary in the form of the hub. At the same time, thanks to instant Ping, the user will not notice any time delay.

Another area of application with instant data exchange can become a city of the future, which will drive unmanned vehicles, and the infrastructure itself will distribute the load on the road.

All this is more like scenarios for the future, but in our reality it may be useful, for example, to help people with disabilities. Already there are special tools like glasses and hats with augmented reality that can help people with weak eyesight or hearing to adapt to aggressive to humans in the urban environment. The network of the fifth generation will be able to dramatically expand their capabilities.

Another example can be sports. During sports events we can already see them from different angles thanks to special systems. In this case, the viewpoint chooses not directed broadcast, and the viewer. With the networks of the fifth generation we can go further, and to derive a view in VR or even organize remote broadcasts. For example, to gather people in the stadium and by giving each VR glasses, to give them the opportunity to “watch” the match, which takes place at the other end of our blue ball. It is possible to question this method, but the emotions from watching is always stronger than a modest home.

A broadband connection can also help in medicine. Was already implemented experiments to conduct operations at a distance, when the physician located hundreds and thousands of miles from the patient. When fast network will be “everywhere” you can not just do such operations, but also to assist in the road and hard to reach places.

Options are numerous, and each will call the script that suits his needs. All this is further evidence that the high-speed network is really needed and the development of technology and demands of the society requires the acceleration of the transition to 5G.

Gadgets for 5G

Of course, the emergence of networks alone will not change anything, because for them need special chips embedded in smartphones and other devices. And if the smartphones have begun to appear, with other devices yet not so smooth.

Despite this, individual solutions are already there, but soon there will be other. For example, Huawei has not once showed the router, which catches the signal through a 5G network and distributes it via Wi-Fi. It turns out that except for the secret communication systems, the wired Internet is not needed. Simply place near a window the receiver and the house is fast Wi-Fi. You ask for what? At first not all devices will support the 5G and some home devices will still work using WI-Fi. In this case, the router becomes a bridge.

The fact that smartphones and other devices with 5G is already in any case positively affects the development of networks of the fifth generation as a whole. Operators will not invest in a new network, if there are no devices that will work. From this point of view, Huawei is practically the only company in the world that can produce and equipment for networks and devices for users of these networks. Here it becomes doubly sad that they are trying to strangle sanctions and thus move a significant step in the development of the relationship.

Achievements Huawei

One of the important competitive advantages of Huawei in the market of networks of the fifth generation is the presence of its own chip Balong 5000. This chip in almost all respects, superior to Samsung’s in the face of Exynos and Snapdragon processor 5100 X50.

Advantage applies not only to networks and supported by frequency, but also additional features, such as support of simultaneous operation in several networks.

This advantage will no doubt be won back, it will take time, and while the company can be proud of.

When will 5G

Currently, experiments are being conducted, including large-scale introduction of new communication standards. For example, South Korea already you can find really working network of the fifth generation. There is no doubt that they will soon be appearing everywhere.

One of the problems spread widely and quickly is a shortage of frequencies. As the example of LTE in Russia, when the desired frequency has been occupied by the military and intelligence agencies. Over time, the question to be decided, but around the world too many conflicts of interest.

The optimistic forecast suggests that 5G will appear in the world and in Russia approximately in 2022, but to rely on this figure is impossible. The company representatives at the event did not give clear predictions, as now they are more like guessing than real analysis. Technically the network is almost ready, but still have a lot of questions from the point of view of deployment.

Unfortunately, will have to wait, but this is exactly where we stand on the threshold of a significant breakthrough, and the emergence of 5G will not only increase speed “download photos in Instagram”, as it was with 3G and 4G, this will allow us to develop a fundamentally new way of communications, which promises us something really interesting.

What Hongmeng

It would seem like its own operating system Huawei may affect the development of the global proliferation of new networks. However, there is a connection.

We all know about the difficulties (I hope temporary) of China. They are connected with the sanctions of the us government and is aimed at weakening the company. Because of this, the company could lose its business of smartphones and most of the profits that can be allocated to research and development including the networks of the fifth generation.

In this case, the development of its own operating system will not only protect yourself from banned from Google, but will contribute to the preservation of the business associated with the smartphones of the company. There are still many companies that do not work, but some of them found loopholes and will be able to deliver their products.

In this case, each success Huawei in this war indirectly brings the network of the fifth generation, which we all use.

My smartphone does not support 5G

The statement I often saw in the comments to our articles and videos. This is not a problem, as if the network of the fifth generation will be deployed, this will prevent the smartphone to work in networks 3G and LTE. But such a development will cause an explosive growth in the number of devices with the new chips and, as a consequence, their cheaper. As usual, this will benefit only us. So, we wait, hope and believe!

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