Huawei continues to provide a seamless user experience with a new updated package series phones Mate 10


Group announced the Huawei the work of the consumer about the launch of the update package of the new phones Mate 10 andMate 10 Pro, which launched in October of last year.

Focuses the new update which is available now for users to add, security features in the new by the Huawei’s smart phones, which feature theFace Unlock that will work to unlock the phone to recognize the user’s face which lasts fractions of a second.

Training Huawei security challenges faced by smart phone users in the world, so characterized by the feature of Face Unlock depending on the security settings of the booster to get to 96 points detailed in the user’s face, where the face recognition system supported by the algorithm against fraud depend on one of the types of artificial intelligence.

Using Huawei its inspiration from the needs and requirements of its clients, which drives her to promote innovation in anything design, next to upgrading the experience of the use of smart phones to exceed the aspirations of the users through providing additional features and performance booster.

Feature phones Huawei Mate 10 andMate 10 Pro they first smart phones in the world comes with the artificial intelligence of the chip processor Kirin 970 of Huawei, which contain the Processor the first of its kind with the potential of artificial intelligence intended for smartphones, which includes the operating units of the nervous private NPU, in addition to the display screen full of Huawei Leica Camera Dual enhanced artificial intelligence, and GPUs (Mali G72), coupled with the processing unit graphic (GPU) Composed of 12 cores, the Processor signals moot (ISP) to enhance the potential of the camera supported the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that my phone Huawei Mate 10 andMate 10 Pro been overwhelmingly successful since the launch of their global markets, and a tribute to the desirability of the users and the back of smart phones both in addition to global locations, specialized in the analysis and evaluation of the smart phones.

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