Huawei continues to resist, as Google strengthens security: week

Traditionally, at the end of each week we review its results. This week was not so rich in interesting news as the previous, but still to talk about. Will tell you about a new stage of the confrontation, Huawei and Google, the strengthening of security measures in Google Chrome, a little touch on YouTUbe and, of course, will not forget Samsung. Sit back and click “read more”.

The contents

Google launched in Russia the subscription on YouTube premium discount of 50 percent

Despite the fact that several years ago most users of Russia license of the content was quite close, over time, many came to not only to buy digital goods, but even to apply for a paid subscription. In many respects it was affected by preferential prices, which the company began to sell subscriptions to their services. However, for some users, mostly for students — 200 rubles, was too high a price for unlimited access to music, which led to the emergence of the student subscription at 50% discount.

Last week Google introduced in Russia and some other countries the opportunity to subscribe to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium at the price of 95 and 125 rubles per month, respectively. It does not have to create a separate account and to the student’s email because Google has implemented the most simple and convenient way to confirm the student status.

  • To obtain a student membership, go to the relevant section of YouTube Music or YouTube Premium;
  • Hit the “Make student subscription”;
  • In the opened window, enter your information and choose the school where you are studying;
  • On the next page, add a scan or photo of your student or transcript;
  • Wait for verification and pay a subscription at a discounted price.

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Registration is valid for four years, but to confirm the student status will have annually. So, if you for some reason lose it, be prepared to pay for a subscription will be full price. And you already signed up? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

It is important to understand that qualify for the discounted subscription can only students of full-time faculties and correspondence students and night-school students together with College students and schools left behind. In addition, those participating include all schools. However, if your University or Institute is not in the list available, you can write to support at [email protected]

Google Chrome learn how to identify hacked passwords

Despite the fact that Google Chrome is difficult to name the most secure web browser extensions make up a few fail safe. For obvious reasons, Google is not too pleased that her own development finalize and finished third-party developers. It cast a serious shadow on its reputation, because if Google do not care about the safety of its users, its products generally should not be used. But the built-in function to check the password need to fix it.

Google decided to build Chrome Password Checkup function, which is introduced this year as an extension to its desktop version. It will automatically verify a user-entered password with the database of hacked accounts Have I Been Pwnd, and will issue a warning in case of detection of coincidence. In this case, all data that you enter is securely encrypted and, therefore, to view a stranger can not. This way it is possible to observe the security of non-jailbroken passwords.

However, the built-in validation function will be able to compare with the base compromised combinations not only new passwords that are entered during the initial registration on the sites, but were previously saved in order to alert the user that replacement is necessary. In the future, this could be a great tool to prevent hacking, and coupled with the built-in password Manager and does make Google Chrome one of the most secure browsers.

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The company’s desire to integrate the tool directly into the browser, most likely due to the fact that the extension is not particularly popular. Some users have not even heard about its existence, while others, though heard, but decided not to waste his time on the installation. Besides, to install the extension in Google Chrome is still not possible, and therefore, a huge number of users remained without adequate protection.

However, Google is still much work to do if it wants Chrome was not considered a godsend for a spy, and truly secure browser. The fact that Chrome still allows site owners to track users using cookies. New protection tool, which the developers have built into the browser proved to be a fiction, since it does not conceal the fact of visiting user, even in incognito mode.

Card Huawei will compete with Google Maps

Contradictory statements of the leaders of Huawei about the new operating system, which they did in the media, does not cause users nothing other than feelings of resentment. The impression was that the Chinese just toss from side to side, adapting to the changeable moods of Donald trump, who promised to withdraw from the company sanctions it threatened to keep and even expand them. Today, however, the model of conduct Huawei became clear, after all, her plans were really grandiose.

It turns out that Huawei does not intend to be limited to only one operating system, planning to build an extensive ecosystem. And that information about it was leaked to the web ahead of time, the Chinese — though not too cleverly — veiled contradictory statements. Part of the new ecosystem will be its own map platform company called Map Kit. Developers will be able to use it in their applications and services instead of Google Maps. And since access to maps search giant Huawei is likely to lose in the foreseeable future, the Chinese decided not to delay and prescribe a new product launch in October.

It is known that the new service Huawei is developing jointly with Yandex and travel site Holdings, which have considerable experience in creating maps and developing technologies orienteering. In this regard, we can assume that Huawei has not built its platform from scratch, and used the best practices of our partners. In the result Map Kit at the start will be translated into 40 languages, covering more than 150 countries.

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Obviously, Huawei has finally realized that it is impossible indefinitely to rely on relief from the United States. Even if the American government for some time, weaken the sanctions, allowing the company to continue to support existing products, in the long run, Huawei is still better to have a back-up airfield, where it will be able to go in case of escalation of the conflict between America and China.

Startup Map Kit means a lot to Huawei. The existence of its own mapping platform confirms that the company intends to develop and expand the upcoming ecosystem, which will subsequently allow it to be a solid competition to Google. And, given the financial capabilities of Huawei and its credibility among users, it has all the chances to not only to deny the search giant access to all your audience but also to bypass it in the impact on the market.

Gaming service from Samsung

Last week, Samsung held in new York in an event called Unpacked, which showed us its new smartphone Galaxy Note 10, ultrabook Galaxy’s Book, and reminded the previously submitted hours Active Galaxy Watch and tablet Galaxy Tab S6. However, in addition to “Jelezko”, the presentation talking about software updates. But they were given so little attention that many of them now do not even remember.

Among the software innovations Samsung has introduced a new gaming service called PlayGalaxy Link. Actually, it’s amazing that the company has paid so little attention to him, because now this area as never becoming popular and interest the mass market. Large players like Apple, Google and Microsoft have already announced their products in this niche – although they differ in concept from each other, it’s still about games on mobile devices.

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So, Apple introduced a gaming service with mobile exclusives subscription called Apple Arcade. Google, in turn, offers a complete remote broadcast table game titles on smartphones through its service Stadia. And Microsoft, which recently announced a major partnership with Samsung, Google will provide similar Stadia game streaming to mobile devices, but with its Xbox console.

Returning to PlayGalaxy Link, as I said, during the presentation of Unpacked about the service were told so little, almost nothing. Today, however, the Korean YouTube channel Samsung has a video revealing a little more detail about the new service. Now it became clear that PlayGalaxy Link is a streaming service that allows you to broadcast computer games on Galaxy Note 10. The new service will be available as a downloadable app (for Android and Windows 10), and make it needs in the first half of the upcoming September.

The service itself PlayGalaxy Link free and uses technology created by Parsec, a new York-based startup specializing in cloud gaming.

“We are very pleased to have been selected as the partner of Samsung and can provide our streaming technology to implement service PlayGalaxy Link,” — said in an interview, CEO and co-founder of Parsec Benji the boxer (Benjy Boxer).

Parsec now published online the new developer tools available through the newly released SDK to as many developers have added their games support service PlayGalaxy Link.

I’m so interested and intrigued by the immediate future of mobile games that it is almost ready to hop in the DeLorean and move a couple or three months in advance to try out all these new services and see how industry giants are competing to win the largest possible audience.

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