Huawei defer the launch of the phone by folding until November

هواوي تؤجل إطلاق Mate X القابل للطي حتى سبتمبر

After a series of postponements and tests, will be flip phones from Samsung and Huawei are available in the market before the holiday season.

Samsung had announced last month that her phone Galaxy Fold will be buying in September, while Huawei says it paid with the launch of the Mate X rollaway to November after previously talked about September as the launch.

Conducted Huawei amendments on the mechanism of folding in the phone to become the best, with the assurance they will not be manufactured from carbon fibre as they remember the rumors.

And try engineers Huawei reduced the weight of the phone by about 20 grams by replacing the rear cover is aluminum instead of steel, except that it was less durable when in use long term.

During the postponements, multi work Samsung and Huawei to conduct tests on quality to ensure that the phones quality and suitable without impact on the function of the folding phone and.

We will await the issuance of the phones actually use to daily life away from the laboratories to see the level of durability and quality that had reached, if not helping the price of the phone associated with.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei want to add more screens in the second version of the phone by folding, let’s see what you do.

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