Huawei defer the launch of the phone Mate X folding until the month of November

Confirmed Huawei in the media conference held recently in Shenzhen, for that the company plans to postpone the launch of the phone by the folding of the month of September to November, that phone comes with some modifications in design.

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It seems that the tests conducted by Huawei phone Mate X during the financial period has revealed a need phone to further adjustments in the design, which was confirmed by Huawei at the media conference held recently, also announced that the new version of the phone that comes with some modifications in the design will be officially released to the market in November.

Projections indicate that the Chinese giant want to ensure the full efficiency of the design of the phone Mate X before releasing it to different markets, so as to avoid the appearance of any defects in design, on the other hand, included the amendments that had been made in the design of the phone all of the breaks Falcon, designed with less thickness to the power button.

I have confirmed that Huawei also plans to launch a new version of flip phones, to submit the new version in the beginning of next year, where he is scheduled to come the new version design the glass of the back to replace Huawei metal design and flow of this version with more space in the screen.


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