Huawei develops an operating system for phones alternative Android

Revealed to the newspaper South China morning that the industry giant Chinese phones “Huawei” Huawei is working on an operating system for smartphones, as an alternative if what exacerbated the friction between them and the authorities of America, as among the Chinese companies, which may increase restrictions the US government have to the next period.

Told the news that the corporate giant Chinese maker of mobile phones, such as Huawei, faces scrutiny increasing on the part of the United States government, and for the access of its users in North America, and that the company does not exclude to take on Google and use the operating system months Globally, “the Android” Android, and that we have to prepare for this moment.

The US government announced, earlier, that the products of my company, Huawei and ZTE of China both pose a threat to US national security, which is what the Chinese companies face because of his difficulty in dealing with the commercial providers of telecommunications services of America, retailers in the United States, though non-Declaration of any strong evidence to support these claims.

Warnings of dangerous products, ZTE Corporation Chinese

According to the website Techradar, the Huawei is working on an operating system for smartphones, and another similar for desktop computers and tablets, “tablet” since 2012, and that the development program remained confined within the police system not being up after the level is similar for Android, but that the expansion of trade and security that surrounds the cops inevitably have a backup plan, according to sources familiar with the company.

For its part, said Huawei that they do not have plans to launch own operating system in the near future, they focus on products that are supported by the Android operating system, however they did not take a position CLOSED about it.

Recall that the services of the basic Google banned in China, and operating system phones from Huawei, in the case of what has become does not exist, you will lose access to all these services and a mass of Android applications that have been inflated over the past years, but it at times if Google shut down its door in her face.

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