Huawei does not intend to launch phone system Harmon this year

Huawei does not intend to launch phone system Harmon this year

Said an official with Huawei that the company is not considered during the current year launch of any smartphone running the operating system (Harmon or ABS) HarmonyOS new announced recently, it will continue to rely on the Android system.

And the transfer site (CNET) CNet technical vice president of Huawei (Vincent Liang), who attended a media event was held on Wednesday in New York City – American saying: “We want to keep the standard one, ecosystem one.” Adding that the system of harmony may be implemented as an option (B) of the company.

And Yang said: the Huawei resort to a system of harmony in the case of the United States insisted on a comprehensive ban on Huawei gives them access to the important parts of the Android system, including Google services, such as: maps, and.

The Huawei had unveiled earlier in the month of August on the system of harmony that is promoted on best of the Android system and faster, having been built using fewer lines of code, which is capable of running smart products, such as cars, TVs, and watches.

It is scheduled to reveal the company Huawei – which has become more Chinese companies affected by the war trade department between the United States and China – Smart TV running Harmon, said Yang: it’s expected to launch a smart watch using the system also.

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And hinted Yang to the phone pioneer coming – it is widely believed that (dead 30 pro) – he said: it will be running Android. In the case of the imposition of the ban on Huawei, the company will move to a system of harmony, to run its phones.

It is believed that the reluctance of Huawei’s transformation to a system of Harmony now as the operating system of the identity of its smart not surprising, having announced only days, which so far does not support any application of the applications needed by the users. How to launch a phone this system means that it does not include any service from Google services, which makes selling it outside of China is almost impossible.

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