Huawei doesn’t want to people to buy their products just because they are a national brand

Huawei Company

After that the Prevention of the United States of America company Huawei from its work with corporate America, has become a lot of people in China’s national television started buying the devices Huawei to support the company. And because of that, a growing number of common phones for Huawei in China in the past few months, and avoid buying the products of foreign companies such as Apple. However, Ms. Chen Lifang, which occupy the position of director and head of the Department of Public Affairs and communication at Huawei, have a different view in this regard.

Says Chen Lifang company Huawei quite clear on its position internally. It states that if you do not Huawei good job with their products and their services, it is impossible to keep long-term simply rely on the national Chinese consumers. So, do not pay Huawei a crap what people are saying or the media, they only focus on making good quality products.

In the month of May last, even tried-founder, Huawei, calming the rising tide of nationalist sentiment towards the company by saying that the iPhone the system is good and it still buys iPhones for his family members when they are outside.

Judging from these comments, it is clear that Huawei doesn’t want Chinese consumers to buy its products just because it is domestic brand. Instead, they want to focus on making good quality products. And frankly, it’s logical to want Huawei in Get Out of the national character. Although its origin is Chinese, only to phones sold worldwide in the millions. She needs to support consumers throughout the world and the only way to ensure that is to manufacture high quality products at a competitive price.

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