Huawei EMUI added in the smart charge like Apple. Why is it necessary

The battery is perhaps the most vulnerable component of any smartphone, to compete with which can not even display. After all, if the display is not worn, if only it not to break, the more sessions will be charging the battery, the worse it will keep the energy. Some users have already got used to it and now consider a battery solely as a consumable, but most are still not ready to accept the need of service of their smartphones. Therefore, Huawei added firmware brand devices technology, which will minimize the negative impact on their batteries.

Smart charging helps to prevent premature wear of the battery

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The technology in question is called Smart Charging Mode. That is, it’s kind of a smart mode, which allows you to extend the battery life, preventing injury and loss of effective capacity from misuse. The work mode is based on artificial intelligence that allows it to learn the user’s habits in the charging, counting the time that the machine spends at the outlet, and on the basis of these data to calculate the charging rate, changing it in more, then down.

Does fast charging

Slow charging harms the smartphone is much smaller than the fast

Of course, to make the speed of charging more than is provided by the manufacturer, the regime can not, not for this purpose it is intended. The goal pursued by the developers of Huawei was that, on the contrary, to reduce speed in the moments when the smartphone spends a lot of time on charging. Usually this happens at night. Users put the device on charge before bedtime and remove it in the morning. As a result, he is being charged for an hour and a half, and the rest of the time simply maintains a 100% battery charge level that has a negative impact.

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The fact that all of the time, while the smartphone is being charged, is connected to the outlet it experiences Microbattery of energy that he has to constantly replenish. If you leave the machine from the outlet at night once, the effect would be negligible, but if this continues on a regular basis, the battery will start to degrade much faster than if the device is disconnected from the mains immediately. And smart mode charging allows you to charge your smartphone is not fast, and a small current all the time it is by the outlet.

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Likewise, this mode works and Apple. The company added in its 13 iOS and called optimized charging regime. It also calculates the time of charging sessions and effectively slows down the flow of current so that the iPhone, which has left the outlet at night, recharged just in time for the morning. This prevents premature degradation of the battery, allowing it longer to lose its capacity. And since the iPhone start to slow down if their battery wears out, then they use smart mode becomes invaluable. But if the mode supports all Apple iPhone compatible with iOS 13, then Huawei it is still only in devices Mate 30/30 Pro and Honor V30.

How to charge the smartphone

Even Elon Musk believes that to charge the battery to 100% don’t need

However, the smart charging mode from Huawei will be another function, in addition to slowing down. Judging by the description, it allows, in principle, to block the flow of energy when the battery is 80%. It’s a cool idea, which the Chinese probably borrowed from Tesla. Elon Musk has repeatedly talkedabout charging any battery up to 80% on a regular basis has a less negative impact than if it were charged to 100%. That is why the Tesla app has a special feature that allows you to set the limit at which charging will automatically stop.

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Despite the fact that it seems none of the manufacturers of smartphones, in addition to Huawei, I have not realized the same opportunity at home, independent developers have long offered application that automatically stop charging. Personally I used the app AccuBattery (download), which not only offered the function of setting limits, and it recommended not to charge the battery more than 80% at a time to minimize negative impact and to postpone aging. However, due to the fact that the use of AccuBattery I started only in the third year of use of your device, the positive effect of his work I didn’t notice.

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