Huawei evolution of operating system identity and its smart to replace Android Google

هواوي تطور نظام تشغيل لهواتفها الذكية ليحل بدلاً من أندرويد قوقل

Stated in the report of the Wall Street Journal that Huawei is working on the introduction of special operating Air them during the coming period, following the crisis of the ban last by the United States government that led to boycott of major American companies and on top of Google which pulled the license Android from them.

According to the report, Huawei launches its system of Law “Hong Ming”, which seeks to launch in China during the autumn of the year, with a plan to launch it on a global level with the second quarter of 2020.

It is understood that Huawei is working on an operating system for phones since 2012 as an alternative in the case of encountering obstacles such as those going through now, and so presented his credentials to the Department of intellectual property of China since the time it was approved mid-May before hours of the imposition of the U.S. ban on the company.

It is worth mentioning that the system of Home Rule will not be able to take advantage of the services Google Home keep online and the app of Play Store, so they will have to find alternatives in its new system; and in particular to providing application store wider the spread of the App from the App Gallery where there were news about her quest to be with store Aptoide.

With the knowledge that the replacement system Android will not be an easy task to in case of continuation of the crisis will be its grave consequences to convince everybody of the customer’s IT system Google and their multiple, if we assume their success in the problems facing her now at the level of the internal components of the phones are no longer intractable which included the recently banned Huawei from using the card storage SD in need the next style pull ARM license designs chips also.

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