Huawei expects the decline of its revenue from sales of smart phones by $ 10 billion because of the U.S. ban

Huawei Company

Showed the financial report for the first half of this year from Huawei, the company’s revenue growth by 23 percent compared with the same period last year, the sale of 118 million smart phone during this period despite the negative impact to the US trade.

It is expected to cost the Chinese company giant great losses after the inclusion in the black list of the U.S. government, but has now adjusted their expectations so that they now expect to speak in the devices section of consumer in the company a loss of $ 10 billion US in revenue, which means lower losses by about a third compared with the initial expectations.

Revealed the deputy chairman of the board of Directors of the company Huawei, Mr. Eric Xu of these predictions through a Q & A session following the announcement of the chip Ascend 910 AI of the new Huawei ad hoc data center. According to Mr. Eric Xu, it was explained that this prohibition of the impact certainly on the strategy of Huawei’s business to move forward, but the potential loss of devices division consumer does not pose a significant threat as it was expected before.

I got a Huawei recently on another extension allowing them to continue dealing with American companies for an additional 90 days. There are high hopes that China and the United States of America to the agreement regarding their dispute business constant before the expiry of the period of the new, but according to previous years, there is no sure thing.


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