Huawei expects to decline by $ 60 million unit sales of its phones International in 2019

هواوي تتوقع إنخفاض بمقدار 60 مليون وحدة لمبيعات هواتفها الدولية في 2019Huawei expects to decline by $ 60 million unit sales of its phones International in 2019

The inevitable result of what happened with the Chinese company during the last few weeks, the agency said Bloomberg in an important economic report that Huawei expects a decrease of $ 60 million unit sales of its phones International in 2019.

Last year, Huawei shipped 206 million phones around the world, as the company saw continued momentum in the first quarter of this year through the delivery of 59 million units worldwide, and the numbers increase by 50.3% on a yearly basis.

Before the disaster that befell the company by the decision of the government of US President Trump, it seems that nothing can stop the company to surpass Samsung to become the largest smart phone manufacturer in the world next year.

In 2016 , said Richard Yu, CEO of consumer business at Huawei, said that the company will top Samsung and Apple by 2021, the wall according to figures last year, he was expected to succeed Huawei this task a year before the average, and become next year 2020 more a company that sells smartphones around the world.

Is considered the American Huawei threat to national security because the law in China can be forced Huawei to gather information and intelligence on behalf of the communist government.

Although oil continued from Huawei, believes that the company’s products contain back doors that can send information to Beijing.

According to Bloomberg, the the accounts of the company, Huawei stresses that it will see between 40 to 60 million smart phone less outside of China in 2019, which is a very big number, but the company itself can’t even stop better estimate because of the uncertainties surrounding it .

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