Huawei feel the economic war between America and China of new

Huawei feel the economic war between America and China of new

It seems that the economic war caught between China and the United States, after Sunday hot over the past few weeks, all the events look Huawei the head .

In technical 24 we have listed the timeline of events up to the minute ..

Discord looked at the beginning of the current year where the administration refused the U.S. offer of Huawei in its new phone time dead or in one of the largest U.S. telecom operators.

The US administration went further than this, he explained its allies worldwide is a formal dedication of the deal with the Chinese company because of the growing risk of Chinese spying.

Huawei feel the economic war between America and China of new

CFO of Huawei

The peak of excitement reached last month, where the issuance of the U.S. warrant for the arrest of the CFO of Huawei, and president of the company at the same time, which is carried out by Canadian authorities and arrested already on the responsible Huawei high .

China for its part has arrested a number of Canadian citizens in response to this fact, and threatened with dire consequences if he continues the arrest of the son of the head of the company Huawei.

The president of the US income on line the crisis, and offered his services to solve the crisis, which ended with the release of responsible Huawei perhaps for fear of Chinese reaction.

Now, there are try media buyers say their some health the US , which published a recent report confirms that the daughter of the head of Huawei’s member of the ruling party of China, and it’s like most officials, Huawei is looking to the United States in both large and small.

Still the stories open the doors.


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