Huawei found a way of trolling the Apple

As it became known this week, Competition authority of Italy has written to Apple Inc. a penalty of $ 11 million. The reason was the release mechanism that reduces the performance brand of smartphones to encourage consumers to purchase new vehicles instead. But illegal actions Apple has received a negative evaluation not only from the European regulator, but in the face of rival Huawei, which launched an entire advertising campaign under the slogan “Quick birth, quick always.”

According to representatives of the British office of Huawei, which celebrated its first full immorality of the actions of Apple towards its customers, users of their technology will never face something like this, regardless of what smartphone or Huawei Honor they enjoy. Chinese vendor feels responsible to each consumer for each device. Therefore, emphasize the representatives of the company, Huawei will never do anything to get you to buy a new product.

Apple slows down iPhone

“We never slowed down our smartphones to encourage their customers to purchase new models — said in a statement Huawei. We are proud that our new Huawei Mate 20 Pro was and always will be quick as our other smartphones, regardless of their retail price”.

Despite the sensuality of the statements of the official representatives of Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer cannot be called innocent fighter for the rights of consumers. As it became known a few weeks ago, Huawei deliberately optimized their smartphones to work with the benchmarks, so they gave better results than really. The company explained his action by the fact that the consumers themselves would like to see purchased smartphones are among the most productive.

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