Huawei gearing up to announce a smart TV smart bracelet at the Mate 30 tomorrow

Use the Chinese giant for Munich tomorrow, many of ads, in addition to series phones Mate 30 provided Huawei Watch Smart Watch GT 2, with the bracelet a smart and also a smart TV.

Many pointed to the plans of Huawei to announce the hours Watch GT Smart 2 in the conference of 19 September, today comes new details about bracelet Smart also.

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Has Huawei made at last year’s conference also Swart clever, is expected to offer Huawei’s new version of the bracelet Band Pro, or a new version entirely from the bracelet smart, but that detail confirmed suggests that the bracelet comes equipped with a heart rate monitor and also a sensor to measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood, it is expected to come bracelet with charging directly via USB port, so you won’t need a special adapter.

It is expected that Huawei color screen for the smart car in the Chinese market, to feature a bracelet with a screen AMOLED, also supports the bracelet and age of charging up to 20 days.

From another side to offer the Chinese giant a smart TV during the events of the conference of the Mate 30, featuring running Huawei New Harmony OS presented in a smart TV of Honor sub.


I know of

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