Huawei get a new license from the U.S. government until March 2020

Unlike what a trader days ago about the license extension Huawei for 6 months, announced US Secretary of Commerce today announced the extension of the license to Huawei for 90 days only last until the end of March next year to 2020.

This is considered an extension of the license is the second extension, respectively, where the declaration of license the first in May and last until August, and then was extended the license 3 more months from August until the end of November and was extended licence from November 2019 till March next.

In case you’re wondering, this license has nothing to do with the presence of services and applications Google on the devices but it allows the company to get updates, security and broadcast it to users periodically for your Huawei phones Android system.

Also the licence allows Huawei to work on the maintenance of equipment and networks that exist in abundance in rural areas of the U.S. where the minister of trade of the United States that this license will allow the citizens to Americans of network access while ensuring control of any actions that might threaten the country’s security forces.


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