Huawei get another extension for three months from the U.S. government

Huawei Company

In the latest episode of ban applicable to the company, Huawei, was awarded the US Department of Commerce for a further extension for a period of 3 months license general temporary purchase of Huawei, which now extends until February 16, 2020. This means that the company Huawei is free to continue to work with U.S. companies manufacturers of components that do not form in the foundation of a threat to national security.

More specifically, the document States Department of Commerce that the temporary license allows for the purchase of Huawei to resume its operations in the networking equipment along with its efforts in the field of mobile phone services and research cyber security. This is now the second extension granted to buy Huawei since to put the company in the black list of US government in the month of May.

This allows a general license to cache certain activities, including those necessary to continue the operation of the networks and equipment existing as well as the support services, the current mobile phone, including cybersecurity research is critical to maintaining the safety and reliability of networks and equipment current.

Explained the minister of trade and American Wilbur Ross in a press statement that the temporary license new will help telecommunications companies small and in remote areas of the United States that use equipment from Huawei Telecommunications Union to continue its service.

Lately, she noted some speculation that Huawei might get another extension for six months, and may continue this trend to emerge until the work of the United States of America and China in the settlement of trade disputes between them.

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