Huawei get extended another 3 months in the licensing business with American companies

Confirmed the U.S. administration today to extend the period of provisional license Huawei to 3 months, that period expires new on 16 of February of next year.

I got the Chinese giant today on the temporary license last for trading with American companies for a period of up to 3 months, during which Huawei to get the products and techniques of corporate America which does not constitute a threat to national security in the United States.

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Not up company Huawei so far to solve radical with the US administration to work actively for their full license shooter to deal with American companies, except that the period of the new license up to 3 months, will allow Huawei to continue to carry out limited operations in the development of networks, and in the service sector.

This provisional license the second granted by the administration of Huawei since the beginning of the ban in May, has explained the minister of trade and American Wilbur Ross in a recent press release; that the second license granted to buy Huawei would support American businesses in the termination of the operations of network development and continue to push services that focus on equipment Huawei in remote areas in the United States.

Recall that some predictions have indicated that the administration will give the Chinese giant Huawei period to extend the provisional license for 6 months, so may be the extension of the grace period to buy a Huawei again after the new period in the month of February.


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