Huawei get extended licensing business with American companies for a period of two weeks starting from next Monday

He confirmed a report published by Reuters recently that Huawei is on its way to get two weeks extension in the licence to work with corporate America, to begin licensing next Monday.

The impact of the U.S. ban imposed on Huawei and some American companies also, which experienced losses as a result stop trading with the Chinese giant, and I’ve got a Huawei a license for a limited period up to 90 days to work with corporate America, that ends this license next Monday.

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In a new report from Roy Kuntz, it was pointed out that Huawei will get the extension of the license for a period of two weeks starting from Monday in which the term of the license first, but this extension has not been announced officially until now.

Recall that the beginning of the US ban Huawei was during the month of May, which entailed stopping the deal between American companies and Chinese giant, and then got the Huawei on the permit to work with American companies for a limited period up to 90 days, and then was the extension of the permit in the month of August, which officially ends next Monday.

On the other hand, a group of American companies requests the administration to clarify the commencement of the license of its products of new Huawei, in which time she managed to get Huawei to achieve good sales of its smart phones despite the U.S. ban, but that the absence of a license landed due to this ban will certainly affect on the expansion of sales of new releases in the global markets.


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