Huawei had shipped 1 million devices equipped with the operating system HongMeng OS own

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Managed company Huawei shipped 1 million smart phone operating system provider, which is now called the name HongMeng OS. According to the company Rosenblatt Securities, IT devices were prepared for testing, without clarifying whether the phones are available physically in the market or prototypes. A report revealed that the operating system subsidiary of Huawei is compatible with all Android apps and has ” the characteristics of the additional security protection of personal data “.

Newspaper China Daily from the chief executive of the Department devices consumer in the company of Huawei, Mr. Richard Yu, as saying that the operating system your company will be available as early as this fall or spring at the latest. Said Mr. Richard Yu in conversation on the platform of WeChat Chinese to the operating system your company ready to be installed on smart phones, tablets and computers, televisions, cars, handheld devices and anything else you can install an operating system on it.

Although the United States decided to postpone the ban on Huawei for a period of 90 days as of May 20, however, the Chinese company had no plans to wait for the decision, and decided that defense is running its own which has been under development for several years. Said site Huawei Central, a website that publishes news mostly from Huawei, that is already going to buy the brand ” HongMeng ” in many markets, such as Canada, Europe, South Korea and Mexico.

It seems the name of the HongMeng unusual, and we hope to get the operating system subsidiary of Huawei on the name of the marketing areas sounds like a name a Chinese to a lesser extent. Although it literally translates to candy red, but Wikipedia says she’s a legendary figure called the Vast Mist. We’re still waiting to see whether Huawei will be launching its own operating system under the name HongMeng OS or Red Dream OS or under the name of another with the knowledge that some previous reports hinted to the possibility of the advent of the operating system of the Chinese company, also known as the Ark of the OS.

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