Huawei had to withdraw from the field of smart phones since 8 years!

If we talk about the leading manufacturers of smart phones, you must come to mention Huawei and this in spite of the difficulties faced by the Chinese giant with the U.S. government, but if we go back a little in time, we see that Huawei has never been so powerful since the beginning, likewise as stated by one of the directors of the company that Huawei were about to use and free smart phone eight years ago!

Exit Huawei smartphone market

As came in the statement is the equality she thought she was unable to compete in the smartphone market in 2011 compared with the development of the company and the competition at that time so that the company then was producing phones weak possibilities which were not attractive at all for users.

Huawei now is different, this is where it more powerful and more sophisticated, as he came in the same statement it is the equal will continue in production and development of smart phones with an attempt to develop and raise their performance over time.

Huawei now is one of the leading competitors in the smartphone market, this is where the company already occupies one of the top three along with Samsung and Huawei! Imagine if Huawei has given up in the memory of time, who was to replace her now?

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