Huawei has announced that it creates its counterpart Google Play

Today, Huawei has unveiled its first smartphone without Google services. The reason was the US sanctions, which have made the company into the list of threats to national security. Because of this, Huawei is banned to work with American companies, due to which she lost her license for Android and the search giant. As a result, companies are left with no other choice but to go for broke and make the rules that she imposed on Americans.

Huawei Mate 30

Huawei decided not to look for workarounds to install Google services on Huawei Mate Mate 30 and Pro 30 as previously reported. In this Richard Yu, head of consumer sector, the company said at the end of today’s presentation. He said Huawei failed to agree on licensing core Google Mobile Services, which ensure stable operation of the software on Android, and therefore it was decided to replace it with Huawei Mobile Services. For this reason, the new smartphone is missing the Google Play, and there is only a branded App Gallery.

Apps in the App Gallery

Huawei will replace Google services on their own

Unfortunately, the Gallery App can not yet boast the same number of apps as Google Play, and many of those that are do not support Huawei Mobile Services. However, Huawei plans to expand the range of branded catalogue and has already invested $ 1 billion in the development of special versions of popular apps for their smartphones. In the future, says Yu, a range of App Gallery should be as extensive as Google Play.

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Really hard to believe that Huawei so easily get to fill the Gallery App apps, of which there never was. If “savings” Vkontakte and Telegram will still agree to include in the catalogue Huawei your application, convince Facebook, Microsoft and Google to do the very same thing she is guaranteed to fail. In the end, who wants to put themselves at risk, especially when the US government certainly maintains the company who will try to violate the ban.

Install Google Play on Mate 30

However, the alternative to ordinary users still remain. I think already in the first day of sales developers-enthusiasts will release the instructions for installing Google Play on Huawei Mate 30 through which it will be possible to circumvent the ban. Another thing, how many users will agree to purchase the expensive flagship, which will be finalized and finished, so that it was really comfortable and functional gadget.

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