Huawei has confirmed the release of the first smart watches on Harmony OS. What’s next?

Platform Harmony OS, which Huawei introduced a year ago and which industry experts dubbed the new alternative to Android, in recent times practically ceased flickering in the information field. Whether the Chinese decided to lower passions, so as not to give users false hopes ahead of time, or the users themselves pouspokoilsya, realizing that even without Google Play smartphones Huawei on Android can work quite properly. But, anyway, work on the development of Harmony OS is not stayed and continues to be until now.

Huawei didn’t forget about Harmony OS and continues to develop

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Do Huawei continues to improve Harmony and OS as the primary target sets the translation to this platform for all their devices. This has been acknowledged by the head of the consumer sector Huawei Yu Cendon. According to him, the developers and engineers are already testing Harmony OS on smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices. But if the production of these gadgets is still a question, here at smart hours Huawei OS on Harmony everything is absolutely clear, said the top Manager promised to soon bring them to the sale.

Smart watches in Harmony OS

Huawei plans to release the first smart watch on Harmony OS

Despite the fact that it was originally expected that Huawei will launch their first smart watch for OS Harmony at the end of last year that somehow didn’t happen. However, it is now all ready to bring the wearable device to the market and to show him that the world has not converged wedge platforms only Apple and Google. When it will be released watch, Chandon did not elaborate, making it clear only that the release will be out very soon. And, considering that next formal event, Huawei will be held in September, and focus, rather, is on him.

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In General, the launch of smart watches on Harmony OS promises to mark a new milestone in the distribution of branded platform Huawei. According to Cendana, the company has planned a major expansion of the market for operating systems, hoping in the very near future to start selling computers, tablets, smartphones and even the gadgets of the Internet of things on the basis of the Harmony OS. In General, stressed Chandon, Huawei expects that Harmony OS will become the global operating system, which will lead to repartition of the market and capture significant share of yourself.

Smartphones Huawei on Harmony OS

Huawei does its ecosystem, and it is the correct scenario

It is obvious that the foreseeable future is for Huawei is the period of 3-5 years. The fact that the company took exactly a year to the optimization Harmony OS, which originally only run on TVs for the smart watch. But the technical and functional device smartphones, tablets and computers – much more difficult. Therefore, even if the developers Huawei will supply optimization on stream, the output of own brand smartphones on their own OS will probably take place no earlier than 2022.

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We have already reported that in September, Huawei will hold a conference Huawei Developers Conference in which will present Harmony OS 2.0. It is not known what kind of innovations will bring an updated build of the OS, but you can count on the fact that the key change will be the improved compatibility. At least in relation to smart watches and of part of the smartphones. Still branded gadgets Huawei must be able to work in tandem and synchronize the information each processes in isolation from each other.

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