Huawei has launched a website about Hongmeng, where he spoke about her almost all

We already know that Huawei is preparing to launch its own operating system called Hongmeng, but almost all that is known about it to date, is the outcome of various leaks and discharges from people close to the company’s plans. But since the time before the release of the platform remains still quite a bit, Huawei decided to launch the website, where he spoke about its history, key features and competitive advantages over Google’s Android.

It is obvious that website hmxt.orgwho introduced the Huawei is completely ready and reveals many interesting details about the Hongmeng.

Hongmeng from Huawei

First of all, the site says that development Hongmeng began in 2012. The project Manager was a certain Professor Chen Haibo, who has extensive experience in software development. Thanks to his efforts the new platform turned out to be so fast – an average of Hongmeng works 60% faster than Android in the same task. It was achieved thanks to the work of Ark compiler Compiler, which is also available for Android.

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As expected, Hongmeng will be fully compatible with Android applications. Despite the fact that the OS will not work with Google Play directly, users of its own platform Huawei will be identical replacement. However, if apps from the corporate catalog, the company is not enough, users can always use APK files need software, available on third party sites.

When will the Hongmeng

Huawei is going to launch a beta test Hongmeng in August, which will last a few months. To take part in it, only users from China, but the platform itself is international and after the release will be available in those countries where it is officially sold smartphones Huawei. And because Hongmeng is open source, it is possible that she will be interested and other producers of mobile technology.

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