Huawei has received permission to run its OS to replace Android

Huawei hopes on the lifting of US sanctions and maintain partnership relations with American corporations, and Google in particular, did not prevent her to continue working on the release of its own operating system to replace Android. Knowing what to expect restoration of the former relations almost impossible, the Chinese have applied for trademark registration Hongmeng, under which presumably will be their future platform. Therefore, the company has secured its rights over this name and confirmed its readiness to start its commercial operation.

In fact, Huawei has become a full owner of the trademark Hongmeng 24 August 2018, but it has become known only now. On the day of the registration application of the company was approved by the Chinese Bureau of intellectual property. Turns out the company was already thinking about what may face the need to launch its own operating system, which will replace not only Android, but also Windows.

When will the Hongmeng

Release Hongmeng OS, according to some reports, will take place only in the fourth quarter of 2019. By the time Huawei plans to complete preparatory work for the future of the ecosystem, which will include not only the OS but also the proprietary services of the company — from their own shop of applications to the cloud. However, the autumn launch Hongmeng is intended only for users from China. All the others will see the new OS Huawei closer to the middle 2020, promised in the company.

Running your own OS from Huawei can have a tremendous impact on the further development of the smartphone market. Even if the Chinese have something does not work, other manufacturers will certainly follow suit, fearing that their business may collapse by the decision of the President of a foreign country. Thus, in 5-6 years we can see an abundance of new and unique platforms, the risk to finally bury Android.

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